Huge rap to the boys at Safari Firearms!!!

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  • Huge rap to the boys at Safari Firearms!!!

    Good day all. What an unreal, surreal, amazingly beautiful summer!!!

    I just want to send out a really big thank you to the boys at Safari Firearms. I've purchased a firearm through them and because of unforeseen circumstances, I had to do a couple of installments. And then I was annoying them about this that and the other.
    Well, you know what, they were really good. Nothing seemed too much trouble. They put up with me, which takes a lot of patience, ask my wife if you don't believe me, answered my questions and offered advice. Really helpful and well, hate to say it, just bloody nice to deal with.
    They have not paid me for this, because well they couldn't afford me :P ! :P
    Nothing like some old fashioned sevice!
    Thank you guys and I reckon you'll get more of my money down the track.

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    good on you for crediting them, you sound like a real pain in the arse ...they are building a really great reputation..good on them


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      Unless I'm out of town, Safari pretty much get all of my business these days. I've bought a fair few used rifles online over the past year or so (got bitten by the milsurp bug) and always use these guys to handle the transfers; they make the whole process painless and their charges are reasonable, while for some other gunshops it's just all too hard and they seem to actively discourage doing transfers.

      There's plenty of other gunshops in Sydney, however it's hard to beat the level and consistency of customer service you'll experience at Safari.

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    Yeap I reckon Safari are fantastic to deal with, I did a online order and cocked it up (ordered a couple of thing twice by mistake after adding a few things on to an existing order) anyway I got a phone call from one of the staff just to make sure the order was correct, which of course it wasn't so it was fixed up and refunds sorted there and then.

    Safari are seriously one of the best if not the best gunshop I've dealt with bar none. Very professional and organised outfit.
    Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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      Good on em, good knowledgable and friendly staff are hard to come by now pat on the back for them


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        G'Day Fella's,

        Koolman, I can confirm this as being standard form for Safari Fire Arms (SFA)!
        Now, please don't just go in there and pester the phuck out of them, just to confirm this but please do drop in for a look and make them your Local Gun Shop!!!
        Why, SFA provide a customer service that is one of if not the best in the country!!!

        A very recent example;
        A local LAFO down here recently purchased a new centrefire rifle off Safari Fire Arms, and experienced some feeding problems with the rifle.
        SFA contacted me down here and asked if I could help out with this problem, to which I said yes.
        Anyway, to cut a long story short, after several hundreds of dollars of labor, postage etc, the feeding problem has been resolved, and at no additional cost to the local owner!
        Everybody is happy, because instead of asking for dollars from SFA for my labor, I asked for a good price on a new Nightforce scope to which SFA agreed.
        So SFA was only out of pocket for postage cost, they have a happy customer and they also get a scope sale in exchange for my effort!!!

        As I mentioned, I believe SFA are The Best!

        Merry Christmas

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      I went to Safari on the weekend for their sale to pickup general equipment for the hobby and they were nothing short of helpful. The place was packed! Free sausage sizzle and drinks as well