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  • Sportsmatch rimfire scope mounting rings

    Good day all of you wonderful people!!!! What an amazing country we live in. We aren't the lucky country, we're the lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky country, and don't you forget it!

    Ok, onto business. Sportsmatch offers several different types of mounts. Can some lovely person give me a bit of guidance.
    Why would I want a two screw mount as opposed to a one screw mount? They also have extended/reduced eye relief mounts, why would I want one of these?
    The write ups on them are really good, they're not cheap so they must be good. RIght? I can't say that I'm fussed by their appearance, they seem to have that "tactical" look.
    They would be going onto a Sportco 63A.

    Would be more than happy to get your opinions and ideas.
    Cheers and have an absolutely marvelous day!

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    I have Sports Match mounts on 3 rifles (all target shooting guns) and I think they are very good value for money, alternatives cost about 3 times as much. Now what size scope tube do you use ? (2 of the 3 I have are 30mm) and what is the size of your front lens ? (mine are 40 mil, these days people like 50 mil), do you prefer high or low mounts ? How wide are the dove tails on the rifle ? These are the type of questions you need to consider.

    The thing to remember is to check the security of the mounts from time to time, because its really embarrassing when your scope falls off and all your mates are there to see it happen.


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      Agree with above. Have used them on heavy kicking centrefires and heavy kicking air rifles. Helps if you use the recoil stop on both.

      All good equipment - just don't over tighten the mounts as you can squash then crack the aluminium and have to buy another set...


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        While Sportsmatch aren't the best looking mounts on the market, they are very well made and one of the few "tip off" mounts that actually work well with 3/8" & 11MM dove tails.
        The "extended" options are a viable option if you want to mount a scope forwards or backwards to obtain better eye relief.
        Here are a couple of examples - One on a 63A & one on a 1416 to get the scope far enough back for correct eye relief for a 5'2" lady.

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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          Sportsmatch are good. Measure the dove tail to get the right size and cross reference with the website or take your gun down to a dealer who stocks the mounts. The extenders are so your eye relief is set correctly.

          Watch and learn padwan