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  • .22 magazine ID ?

    Anyone recognize this magazine, I was given this with some other gear years ago, no idea what it's out of. I'm sort of hoping it's from a sportco, so I can buy a rifle to fit the magazine. Sorry about the pic's quality, old camera and bad operator.
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Name:	22magazine002.JPG
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Name:	22magazine004.JPG
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Name:	22magazine005.JPG
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Name:	22magazine006.JPG
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Name:	22magazine015.JPG
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    Stirling M20 maybe.
    Not suitable for mature audiences


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      Sportco i just sold 3 of them


      • 17Hornet
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        The brass follower makes me think Sportco.

        But the Stirling mag is REALLY close in appearance.

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      At first glance thought it was a brno model 2 mag because of the baseplate having the rounded bit but I guess it's not.
      Polish Mosin Nagant M44 7.62x54r Radom 1952 manufacture
      Brno model 2 1974 manufacture

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        Just had a bit of a google, and the sportco and stirling look almost identical, except for the cut away on the side. Looks like I got lucky and it's a Sportco.
        Thanks for the replies.
        Any idea if the design changed between models ?

        EDIT just found info thanks



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          Without a shadow of a doubt: Sportco 10 shot. Probably worth $30 in its current condition, so not really worth the hassle of buying a rifle just to have a spare, unless you're mad keen on Sportcos