Most satisfying start to the day!

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  • Most satisfying start to the day!

    Well it might seem inconsequential but at the time it was a delight.

    I was sitting on the back verandah when a target flew in from the north.
    He took up various positions in the yard and seemed to think he was safe and sound and welcome.

    Well he wasn't!

    I got the Brno and a few Zeds out of the safe, adopted a fire position, and kept a close watch on his antics. I initially took aim while he was perched in a nearby tree, sadly too far for F.S.O.T.D., so unlock unload and wait.

    Unaware I was watching and calculating his range, he took up a closer position on a fence, then a more distant gate and at last on a 12 foot gate about 15 metres away, with about 15 down angle with plenty of back stop and no likelyhood of accidental or collateral damage!

    Most of his head, back and torso became obscured by the 2-7x 33 Leupold crosshairs and some creep was taken in the trigger.

    Guess what happened next?

    Phiiaat went the zed and the slightest of recoil lifted the crosshairs ever so slightly but his death tumble to the ground was witnessed in the bottom half of the scope, dead at before he hit the ground and not a mark on him!

    Click image for larger version

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    As I say most satisfying way to get rid of a big population later, knock the stragglers off today.

    And the same thing two days ago!

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    It is a sparrow WT


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      The sparrow is an introduced species, be damned if I'm going to try shooting at flocks of mouse-sized targets with a .22 though lol. Still, good shot.