Bench rest .22lr, sporter class?

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  • Bench rest .22lr, sporter class?

    So, I've been thinking about this a bit, might already be such a thing but here goes...
    I'm proposing a bench rest comp for sporting weight .22 lr.
    Reasons being, there should be a lot more interest than in regular rimfire bench rest as a lot of people already own rifles that could compete in this class?
    Would need to be an overall weight limit (including scope and empty magazine, no more than say 4.5 kg)
    Trigger weight can be no less than 1kg
    Scope can be no more than 12x magnification
    Ammunition, shooters choice
    Any front and rear rest can be used on a bench
    Standard 50 meter rimfire bench rest targets to be used
    All targets on score card must be shot in under 15 minutes.
    Thoughts anyone?
    I'm just sounding people out on this and maybe this already exists, I just don't know about it?
    I'm thinking this would be something the average new shooter could compete in with his cz, Annie, savage, sportco, zastava or whatever?

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    Look up the SSAA hunter class. Very similar to this but scope is limited to 6x and the weight is a little more I think.



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    Under SSAA rules, maximum weight of the rifle, scope, bolt is 3.515 KG, Small Bore Association is similar. There was a move in the Small Bore Association to up the scope limit to 12 power (overall governing body, Target Rifle Australia), but no spotting scope to be used, but that was apparently defeated. Some have targets for "Sporter Class" rifles, some don't.

    What you will find is that a lot of popular .22"s don't make the weight restrictions. By all means develop your own competition if you so desire, but be aware that such comps already exist with well defined rules.


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      Just go with the SSAA Hunter class
      You propose that your rules so that the "Average: shooter starting out can compete, but then propose 12x scopes
      Even 6x power scopes allowed by the SSAA Hunter class and similiar competions are at the top end of usable scopes for 22LR shooters shooting at 50Metres,.
      A 12x power scope will not make it easier to hit target it will only make it easier to see the target, especially the misses.
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        All good, I didn't know this existed already, the rifles I own would be too heavy, unless I use my sons single shot Annie, sounds like a really fun way of bench shooting without spending $3000 plus on a competitive rifle

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      In northern NSW we have an interclub IRB that has a Hunter class category, standard rifles etc but must have a rounded forend, not flat 2 1/4" like in SSAA light benchrest hunter. Its extremely popular because you can shoot like standard brnos against annie 1416's etc and there is no scope limitation. The only mods allowed are bedding and trigger work. SSAA hunter is more the targets used and light rifles can be hyper custom jobs that are way more competitive than a standard off the shelf hunting rifle.


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        We have a our bench's about full with CZ's and reasonable price scopes each week....follow SSAA rules.....and scores are incredible. One of the best is shot by an old Norinco with a barrel tuner and a trigger job.

        $ I said, heck!!!!



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          If you live in Brisbane we shoot the first and third tuesday night every month at 6.30 belmont ssaa range. Great bunch of guys and girls plenty of non million dollar guns there and you can use whatever scope you have on your rifle. everyone has a chance at winning but you will have to bring your A game. Also don't bring high velocity ammo as it simply isn't as accurate. The benefits are that you learn so much in a really relaxed atmosphere and get to shoot against some of Australias best benchrest shooters. Everyone is pretty down to earth and everyone is encouraged .
          The guy that runs it Dale is a bit of a character always good for a laugh but safety is still his number one consideration. Last night next tuesday night for the year though till after Christmas.
          kind regards Ben