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  • New PB.

    Shot a new personal best at Rimfire Metallic Silhouette yesterday
    5 chickens
    5 pigs
    4 turkey's
    3 rams.
    Pretty happy with that , post up your PB's.
    Cheers Mat.

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    Best I got was 13 and the worst was 1 yes thats right 1 I lost my way on the scope and started with turkeys then I was just guessing. Not a very good guess though.


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      Well done, glad to see that you enjoy shooting RMS, it would be the best shooting discipline to improve your skills when out hunting, don't be disappointed if your scores go backward for a bit before you start to get some consistency and your scores and grade will gradually improve RMS is recognised as one of the most difficult shooting sports due to the size, shape of the targets ( bloody turkeys who made them? ) and distances so think of it as an achievement to shoot any decent score. I have been shooting Silhouette for a long time now and would like to encourage others to have a go at it, don't be put off by the degree of difficulty and don't be afraid to ask for advice. I won't be posting a personal best as it will probably discourage any new shooter but I have worked hard ( and spent a bucketload of cash ) to make it to AAAgrade just the same as anyone else can but be mindful that the best equipment does not necessarily give you the best scores, Metallic Silhouette is a riflemans game