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  • wheeler scope mounting kit

    Good day, all.

    I recently bought a Wheeler scope mounting kit. When the box arrived, it was empty. Well, this is the story of one really big dork, me!!
    I mustn't have read the ad on Optics Planet right, so what I actually bought was the plastic box that the actual tools may be stored in.
    With postage, the tools are around $120.
    Does anyone have a Wheeler scope mounting kit that they wish to on sell? I'm hoping this way may be cheaper, if not, oh well, life goes on.
    Thank you from the world's biggest dork!

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    Reminds of someone I know with paying outbound postage!


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      thanks chewtah, I think, haha!!!!


      • Gwion
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        Hey Koolman.
        I noticed that OP was selling the case separately from the kit and once you payed for case, kit & shipping it was about the same as buying it from HSS, so that's what i did and kept the coin in Aust.
        Why not sell the case and buy a kit in a case?