RF bench rest and watering the grass.

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  • RF bench rest and watering the grass.

    Have just come back from the range where we did rim-fire bench rest a great few hours spent. We also watered the grass thats coming along with a fish emulsion fertilizer....... Stink! There will be some very frustrated foxes up there tonight!
    and i have come to the conclusion that the cheap .22 ammo in large boxes is not that good for accuracy/consistency. You get what you pay for but we had fun.
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    Your not wrong about that, I have tried very hard to purchase some cheaper ammo that shoots the lights out for bench rest but have kept on having to come back to Eley black.
    Sk rifle match has been good for me especially in my 1712 Anshultz but I get a few of those "what the hell just happened shots" still even with that probably me ?. The Eley or the Lapua is still the most accurate but even with weighing and rim thickness testing it all and I am not real sure I am not wasting my time I still get the odd flier. I tip my hat to the guys that can shoot that golden bucket stuff real accurate I am not doubting I have seen the targets. Wish my guns liked the stuff would be so much more affordable to shoot more but unfortunately that isn't so.
    Kind regards Ben