My New & Unfired 2nd Hand 22lr Lever Actions

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  • My New & Unfired 2nd Hand 22lr Lever Actions

    The Henry was brand new. Such a smooth action. Ah...

    The Uberti was unfired 2nd hand. Guy bought it, took it home, wife, son, whomever, didn't like it (or he suffered mega buyer's remorse). He returned it to the shop a couple of days later. So there it was... unfired, one previous owner ever so briefly, at 2nd hand price. I just Had to get it. And the action is pretty darn slick too. I think I've lost this one to my wife though

    Interesting the loading port on the Uberti is 22 magnum sized even though it's a 22lr rifle (Silverboy also comes in 22mag so one ammo tube for different actions). Also, the sights are obscured by the hammer unless it is in ready-to-fire mode - why try to use the sights unless you're ready to fire, right?

    Ammo test to come...

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    Very nice pick up mate - congrats
    Whacking Varmints is my passion!