Brno Model 2 - replacement stock?

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  • Brno Model 2 - replacement stock?

    Hey, can anyone tell me if you can get replacement stocks for the Model 2 Brno. I can get one from my wifes uncle who has had it sitting in a safe for 20 years. Only problem is the stock was cut down for her cousins to use when they were younger. Any info appreciated, I've been looking everywhere.

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    You could get a stock from Boyd's if it doesn't have to look factory. I have the rimfire hunter on my Savage and love it. There's probably tons of pics of Brno/CZs in Boyd's stocks online to look at...


    Otherwise, I'm sure someone has replaced the stock on their Brno that might be willing to sell it.
    Pro Tip: Taking the gun off safe increases the velocity by 100%...


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      I have a '67 model 2 in a Boyds rimfire hunter.

      The barrel channel is for the CZ452 varmint so the old model 2 is well and truly floating in there.

      Looks awesome though and it shoots really well, the only thing is the boyds stock changes the balance and the feel of the model 2.

      I have the original stock, it was refinished badly before I got it and it's just been re-done in tru-oil.. lost the checkering though as it had been heavily sanded by previous owner.

      I might put it up on abusedguns soon.

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    Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be getting a Boyds stock.