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    Tried some eley "team" ammo last night in my savage btvs...very impressed, will try some "match" next week.
    Target is at 50 meters, only two shots per target, score was 195 out of 200.
    Click image for larger version

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    Nice shooting.

    My Annie loved the Eley Club but, unfortunately, loved the Lapua Centre X more.


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      Interesting, what calibre is it? I've got a. BTVS in 22 wmr and it shoots like shit.
      I'm about to start toying with the action screws see if I can't tune it up that way.
      I've just about every type of ammo available, it shoots great at 50m but step it out to 100 and it's 6" groups.
      Very frustrating.

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    will be trying out the eley "match" ammo on Monday night...the "team" is cheaper but was still pretty good!


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      I own a CZ 452, it likes Eley OSP as do several other rifles in the Club. R50 is also good, but expensive, I keep that for competitions, worth a try.


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        Average results with SK Match in my Annie 1903 - used some Ely Team and results just skyrocketed you can notice the differance have also tried Ely Eps no where as good as Team.

        John T


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          My only problem with Eley ammo is, that for while, it has just been too expensive.

          Though, prices from some sources have gone down recently.