Reticles, Mildot vs Fine

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  • Reticles, Mildot vs Fine

    Good day, all.

    Deciding on a target reticle. Which would you choose for rimfire target?
    Mildot, Fine, or maybe Duplex?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Good Day Koolman/
    The answer depends on what type of target shooting you going to do for example - benchrest would be fine dot / field rifle would be duplex and so on and of course it is personal choice different strokes for different folks.

    John T


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      Id go for the finest crosshairs, if they can be seen spotlighting, add Mildots then or 'German sniper' is it, with just a post and horizontals. Thick crosshairs cover too much of the target IMO.

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    I shoot smallbore benchrest, simple answer for me. All 4 rifles I use have Leupold scopes with fine cross hairs and a dot. Some people don't like the dot, but its a personal choice. None of the rifles I use in benchrest are used in the field.