Henry .22 youth.

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  • Henry .22 youth.

    Asked this over at the lever forum to but,

    Been thinking, the Henry .22 Youth model might be a bit of fun, nice and light, compact and still holds 12 rounds. Anyone have any experience with these? It would make a good little pack gun to, when carrying another rifle.

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    According to Henry specs... the Youth is only 3 inches shorter and 450 grams lighter. I know half a kilo is nothing but can become something after a while. However, I found my Ruger 10/22 (340 grams heavier than the Youth and only 110 grams lighter than the naked Henry which would have been made up for with the scope I had on it) was barely noticeable as a carry-along rifle in the field with my other rifle.

    My point being... even the full size Henry will not be too much to handle as a carry-along IMO. So go for that, seeing as they are around the same price new AFAIK. Pop into your LGS which has a Henry and feel the weight for yourself.


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      Yeah you are probably right. Another pack rifle I'm thinking about is the savage rascal. The rascal is very light and compact as well and a lot cheaper. Only real downside is single shot.