Annie 64 DIP Replacement Trigger Guards

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  • Annie 64 DIP Replacement Trigger Guards

    Finally received the DIP guard which was kindly seized by US based freight forwarder SHIPITO at the beginning of the year.
    This is a nice upgrade for these actions more in keeping with that offered on the more expensive 54's.

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    I just ordered my Sako Quad metals from

    Ordered in the 24th. Received on the 29th. Bottom metal, rail, knobs, shoe. Awesome service and cant recommend him highly enough.

    The DIP stuff is nicely crafted, Im happy with mine too.
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      Looks a treat Allan, shame about the wait but that's international, I dunno how you find all these cool goodies!


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        Great photo and nice piece of work.
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          beautiful rifle - I recently received my DIP 25moa rail for my CZ from Kinneyshootingsupplies as well - nicely machined bit of gear!

          I'll finally be able to shoot without hold over past 200m now - cant wait!

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        Hi Allan looks good. Hope all is well with you