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  • All the beautiful rifles

    Good day, all. Life is good, life is.

    What's going on? At the moment, across all of the used gun sales websites, there is a plethora of absolutely beautiful 22lr's.
    I'm going insane, I can't afford, or store more firearms at the moment. I'm going out of my mind! haha
    You know what I'd like to be able to do? I'd like to be able to take each one down to the range with 200 rounds and have a go. I don't even think I'd want to own all of them,(way too much maintenance!).
    I'd like to experience not only the performance of the rifle, but it's character, it's feel. How it feels in my hands when I bring it up to the eye, what it does after the round has left the barrel.
    Oh so many rifles, so little time!
    In my time, so far I've only had a chance to fire 9 22's. Not one did I dislike, all had their little +'s and -"s.
    Here's my list: (22's only)

    Haiawatha 22lr (canadian) (from another life)
    Winchester Cooey Ranger (from the rest of my other life)
    Zastava MPW (my farm work horse)
    Winchester 69A (kicks like a centerfire)
    Winchester 320 (a real lady)
    Winchester 600 (an abused child I saved)
    Savage MK2 Classic (my favourite)
    Brno 1965 Mod 2 (a good mate's)
    Naughton Thumbhole (very interesting little rifle, not a great shooter, but fun to shoot) (a good mate's)