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  • 22lr bore reconditioning

    Good day all, yes another post! I can't help it, i'm addicted but I also want to learn, and there is so much unbelievable knowledge in this forum.
    I've learned so much and am still learning and absolutely love it, so there you go, and thank you all.

    Is there a way to make a "good condition" bore a better bore.
    I dream about Winchester 52's. The one in Mont Albert is beyond my budget and if I were to get it I'd be single quick smart! Sometimes not a bad option! haha just kidding *hope the missus isn't reading this*
    There is a "pre-loved" one on ozgunsales, and according to the ad it is in "good" condition. If I were to get one in good condition, I know I could fix up the stock, and probably do something with the external steel, but if the thing's best shooting days are behind it........
    So, I've heard of blokes cerakoting the internals of a rifle barrel, not sure how this works, if it does....any ideas?
    Is there really a way to improve the rifling or internals of a barrel without actually re-barrelling?

    Thank you again.

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    Relining with a 22RF sleeve!

    Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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      Its pretty much impossible to shag the bore of a .22 just from firing it heaps.
      Ive seen them erode due to leaving super strong cleaning agents for too long, or continuous use of a shit cleaning rod, but mate its a .22 it will shoot another 5000 rounds with ease!
      You can get a smithy to give it a 'precision clean' where anti fouling and all that special stuff is used, should come up a treat


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        yep as tinker says 22lr's basically can't be shot out! I haven't heard of anyone doing it - its estimated that they take more than 50,000 rounds and be Ok