Savage MKII GL .22 opinions please.

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  • Savage MKII GL .22 opinions please.

    I am looking into buying a Savage MKII GL and mounitng a scope for target shooting primarily then a few small creatures later on.

    After opinions about rifle and how they handle and any issues people have had with them.

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    Hello - I've had a bit to do with the G series Mark 11's - IMO, they make a great little rifle for plinking if you're on a budget.
    They handle and function pretty well straight out of the box but my samples have not been what I would class as accurate rifles.
    Here's my latest - Only arrived last week - I put 255 rounds of SK Standard Plus through it - Last 70 shots (14X5 shot groups at 50 yards) averaged 1.378". My experience only as others have done much better than this.
    This rifle is the basis for a new project and is currently being re-barrelled with a Maddco. Having gone this route previously, I will be disappointed if it is not a shooter when finished.
    Replace the thin magazine surround with an after market 3MM version and play with action screw torque settings.


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      I have one. Great gun for the price. I use mine on rabbits and it performs really well. Nice wood stock as well. Get one u won't be disappointed


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        [quote="phoenix" post=17340] Nice wood stock as well. quote]

        Yes, the wood stocks on the G's are well designed for off hand shooting and are streets ahead of the plastic offerings - Sometimes they even look OK - I was a little surprised to find this when I un-packed mine the other day - The intention was to drop it in a Classic stock but I had second thoughts there for a while

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      I'm a huge fan of the MK2. I've got a MK2 Classic and it's a lovely rifle.


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        MkII BSEV here which is my first and love it - pretty accurate too!
        - Savage MkII BSEV .22LR, Weaver 3-15x50
        - Howa 1500 .223, Bell & Carlson Stock, Tasco 10-40x50
        - Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmor, Upgrade Package, Vixen 6-18x44


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          Yep there sure is. Rebel Guns has a WInchester 320, the ozzie that went to the U.S.. They want about 900 for it, about 100 more than a classic.
          Not bad for a 50 year old rifle. It's too much money I think, I got one in new condition for 500 bucks, but I was just plain l-u-c-k-y.
          I can get it to shoot,, and mind you I would never be confused with a good shooter, one ragged hole at 50 meters using CCI Standards.
          It's wearing a Redfield Revolution 4-12x40.
          I reckon that's about as close as you're going to come at the minute.
          But look seriously, go down to a good gunshop if you can, give them your licence and ask them to let you shoulder a few rifles. You know, when I went to pick up my classic, that's what I did, for fun, and I really like the feel of the Stevens 300. Not much to look at, just felt really good in my hands. Chuck Hawke reckons they are perhaps the best hudget 22lr you can get. I've never fired one but he has and thinks it's fantastic for what it is. So there you go. I might still pick one up when I feel like I don't have enough 22's. haha