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  • First time out

    After receiving. My licence on Tuesday and getting forestry permission I finally made it out for a shoot with my brother.
    Went for a half hour drive to an old logging coup. No troubles.
    Fired 100 rounds of federal 50 gr jacketed hollow points through my dad's sweet little Anshults 22 mag. And about 45 through my. 410 pardner.
    Both shot well. As I was leaving the starter motor on my Courier blew. Not happy.

    All in all my brother and I had fun. First time in years since I've shot. Looking forward to all our future trips.

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    Congratulations mate, glad you had a fun time out, nothing better than having a few shots hey.
    Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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      Yea it's a good feeling missed the smell if burnt powder