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    Hi all I wonder if anyone can give me a clue why when I move the rear iron sight back or forward it make no difference to my shooting In can not seem to stop shooting low
    It does not matter if it is me or my son shooting

    shooting from about 15mts using CCI 40grain quite loads using open sight Puma .22( I know it a cheap gun)

    Thanks in advance
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    sorry I have done it again I was in Rimfire clicked new topic and it posted here SORRY can you please move to right section

    Calling me sir is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. It don't belong


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      You need to adjust the rear up or down for a more noticeable change in height at POI.

      As it is now... if you draw a straight line from the barrel at a level, you have a benchmark to go off. Now, draw a line from the rear sight to the front sight and you will find that line goes up - that is, your rear sight is lower down than the front. So... barrel line is straight, sight line is up.

      When you line up your target you make your sight line straight. But as the angle between the sight line and the barrel line do not change, your barrel line will now be pointing down.

      The only thing moving your rear sight forward or backward is doing, is slightly altering how much down you are shooting.

      You either need to raise the rear or lower the front.


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        im no expert and i could be way off track so forgive me if i am.
        but, for me when i swap from high velocity rounds to CCI quiets, i notice they shoout about 4.5" low over 50m, perhaps that is a bit of whats going on? maybe the iron sights are semi-calibrated for standard or high velocity?


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          Hey there I'm just putting it out there but my savage gets very nice groups with CCI minimags but shoots very badly with CCI quiets. So maybe a ammo test is in order friend.

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        The quiets don't have the velocity to cross the line of sight with the irons. You need to modify the front sight blade or the rear sight to allow for this but it will change your POI with the standard velocity.


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          Thanks for all the info I will give some High/Standards ago and see if that make a difference will keep you posted

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        At a range of 15mts the sights will naturally be shooting low.
        Try using the open sights at 50metres.
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