2nd starling of the day!

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  • 2nd starling of the day!

    As above, knocked with great authority with the 452 and winny longZ!
    They were the ones eyeing off the rosellas nesting box too!

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    They can be a pest ....... nice work


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      They are a bit old now but that's them, one got it the back of the head, got huge damage with bits missing everywhere, he jumped all over the place and needed bashing with a spade, the other got it in the chest and never twitched! So chest shooting is my fave now.

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    Cant workout how to view posted photos on new forum ,can somebody advise please??
    In other words how do i view the starling?
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      Nicely done. There were a stack of these little critters last time I went west. It kept the wife entertained with the air rifle and the .22.


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        There is an estimated 250,000 of them living under the Tasman Bridge in Hobart
        15 years ago I witnessed a Peregrine Falcon rip through a 'cloud' of them, awesome sight!

        I call it a cloud as the sky does darken when they are all out!

        I seem to remember a pest control officer gassing them, hit alot of pidgeons too


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          Im on a farm with about 10 barns on it so come nesting time I stake out a few & get a lot like that! last years breeding season I got over 500, this year im up around 100 so far all with a cz452