22lr barrel refurbishment

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  • 22lr barrel refurbishment

    Good day, all, hope you are all fat and sassy.

    Is it possible to sharpen up the rifling in a 22lr? Or would you even bother? Or would you just rebarrel it?

    any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    .22LR's literally take hundreds of thousands of rounds before they are worn out. Unless the barrel is rust damage, bulged, or not that accurate, it's not necessary to change it.

    Because a lot of .22LR ammo is lead projectile, it is important that the barrel is tight, and most target grade .22LR rifles will have the barrel slightly tighter at the muzzle. Anything you do that makes the barrel looser, can have adverse effects to accuracy, so I'd be wary of anything that attempts to 'improve' the barrel by removing metal.