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  • Brno 2.

    The Brno 2. What a legend! I bought mine in 1984 ($180) and it has just started to refuse to cock. Whats that 19 years of faultless service. I have put it into my LGS.
    It still shoots more accurately than I can.
    3 cheers for Brno .22's
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    Best 22s ever made.

    I have a model 1. Last week we pitted it against a 452 CZ.

    Have a guess which one shoots smaller groups
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      Er ... from 1984 would be 29 years.
      No trees were harmed in the production of this post, but some electrons were greatly inconvenienced.


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      he he funny..!

      I have a model2 love it to bits as well, current value 4 or 5 times my buy price is just too cool as well.


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        Bought my mod 2 in 1969 ($92.00). A bit of amateur work on the trigger (by a not very knowledgeable me) and then used it for 40 years before selling it (I was relocating and didn't know how long I would be a nomad and where I was going to finally settle down and therefore unencumbered myself by selling most of my firearms, including the brno). As I had also shortened the barrel and had it re-crowned and removed the rear tangent sight to make it more suitable for field rifle competition, I didn't mind selling it too much as I knew I would eventually replace it. This I did with a CZ453 that balances like my old modified brno and, after a little bit of adjustment, shoots as well as the rifle it replaced.
        Still, I miss the old mod. 2 and keep an eye on used guns for a replacement of about the same vintage. Heck, you gotta be quick if a good one turns up - I might wind up buying a good mod. 1 (great action and barrel) or a mod. 5.
        I love Sako centrefires and if I was still shooting smallbore I'd go for an Anschutz but for the best all round "pea rifle" (as my ol' Dad called .22's) there's nothing beats a brno/CZ!!


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          Here here!!
          I lucked onto mine.. A '67 model with micro groove barrel, deep blueing, beautiful timber etc. I had to hand back the previous .22 due to a recall and this Brno 2 was traded moments before I arrived at the store. Seeing as I wasn't too happy giving back the other, the store felt obligated to make me feel better by selling me the Brno and throwing in a spare mag for an absolute steal. It shoots most ammo well, but some surprise me how tight they get. It will always have a place in my safe!

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        Had a model 4 target , model 2 , 452 classic love them all must say it was hard to decide between the model 4 target and model 2 on which one was the best.


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          I "lucked" onto a Brno model 1 via my father-in-law (dec'd) who past it to his eldest son, that didn't have the time to shoot
          A model 1 for $24 transfer fee - winner
          It will go to my son one day making a 4th gen heirloom


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            I love my mod 2 Brno too, great little hunting rifle, lite, accurate and handles beautifully. Mine started having ejection issues the last time I used it but a bit of a file on one of the extractors (had a slight burr) and a good clean of the chamber soon had it working again - they really are a beautiful little hunting rifle, no doubt about it. I won't ever be selling this one either.

            Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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              Got mine back in 1980 and its no surprise that its as good as the day I got it...lucky with the stock having so much grain in it compared to others.

              Last used 3 weeks ago out west, a lot of younger ones on the burrows and using powerpoints at around 50-60mts it was my mistake if I missed.

              Great at that range as we soon found they went to ground pretty quick if you got into them with the HMR'S...the rifle has never failed me yet.


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                Forgot to mention I was at the LGS last weekend and they had 2 mod 1's for sale. Had a look at both and noticed how super slick the actions worked. Beautiful rifles.


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                  What ammo are you fella's running through your Mod 2's? Mine loved the old Orange box Power Points - seems to shoot the new 40gn version fairly well (not quite as good) but also loves those Sub Sonic Power Points too.

                  I've tried a few others with good results too.
                  Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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                    They seem to like the CCI subsonic Copper Jacket hollow points.


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                  Absolutly THE best 22LR in my opinion ive owned a CZ for a while and mate ended up selling his bruno cheap i thought why not help the bloke out now its really the only 22LR i shoot


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                    I used to own a really nice model 5. I really regret selling that rifle!

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                  Hi BRNO fans,
                  I too love the old Mod 2 although I don't have one at this time. I had a very nice and very accurate 1972 model for many years and an excellent Mod 1 (1958 or 59 I think). I actually have a soft spot for all things SAKO and my current rimfire is a SAKO Finnfire Varmint. It is an absolute joy to use and very accurate, shooting regular 1 hole groups at 50m with the orange packet PowerPoints. Head shots on rabbits out to about 70m is fairly normal.
                  I always regretted selling the little BRNOs and am currently looking for one for my son. To that end the new CZ Tacticool looks very interesting and I don't think it will be too long before there is another BRNO / CZ in the gunsafe.
                  Picture of my Sako and one of a nice 5 shot group with hunting ammo.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF3771.JPG
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                  Click image for larger version

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                    If not cocking is the question, consider stripping and cleaning the bolt, there's a you tube video on it.

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                    Nice one mate - can you still get the orange box ammo? I though it was replaced by the black box version. The black box version I know comes in two projectile weights 40gn and 42gn and there is a slight increase in velocity going by what's written on the box.

                    Cheers mate and beautiful rifle and group!