Thought I'd share something a little different

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  • Thought I'd share something a little different

    There's probably plenty of these out there but it's a little different to the usual. It's a Winchester Thumb trigger model. Instead of a trigger it has a lever that you press with your thumb which enables the rifle to fire. I picked it up recently and had it registered after we found it in my grandfathers garage after he died a couple of months ago. Back in the day he used it for shooting rabbits to put a bit of meat on the table. From what I've read it was marketed by Winchester as a 'boys' rifle.

    It needs a bit of work done to it to extract the empty cases properly. I couldn't help myself I had to fire it. I'm assuming it would have been browned not blued from the factory and have thought about having it redone.
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    Great find.
    The wood looks to be in pretty good nick. Any idea on its age?


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      Gee that's unusual, I've never seen or heard of a thumb trigger before...a rare find I would think.

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    Lovely old 'pea rifle'.

    Thanks for sharing.
    No trees were harmed in the production of this post, but some electrons were greatly inconvenienced.


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      After a bit of research it appears that Winchester manufactured around 80,000 thumb trigger rifles between 1903 and 1924. There's no individual manufactured date on this rifle from what I can see. It didn't have a serial number either. I had to get one put on it to have it registered. It looks like it may be worth around $450 on a good day. I'd rather hang on to it and pass it down to my boys. In any event its a good talking point with other shooters.


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        Originally posted by Ratchet" post=11183
        In any event its a good talking point with other shooters.
        Yes I can picture it now. You're setting your gear up at the range and someone taps you on the shoulder. "Excuse me mate, you remembered your bolt, but left your trigger at home." :lol:

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      Honestly for such a simple little rifle its amazing how many guys wanted to have a go.