Zastava CZ99 Trigger adjusting and improving

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  • Zastava CZ99 Trigger adjusting and improving

    This is one I did on the old forum that people found useful.
    I'm not a gunsmith, use the information at your own discretion.


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    First off, remove the two screws that hol on the trigger guard. Note that the front one is actually the front reciever bolt.

    Here's a view of the two screws. The back one just holds the trigger guard to the stock.

    Remove the trigger guard. The magazine release button will come with it. Also there is a spacer that goes into the hole where the front reciever bolt goes through.
    Underneath the guard and rear of the trigger is the rear reciever screw with a thick washer.

    Remove this screw and the reciever/barrel group can be removed from the stock.

    To remove the trigger assembly from the reciever, remove the pull adjustment screw and spring, the safety adjustment, and the pin that goes through the trigger pivot. Don't lose the two wave washers that are under the safety catch.

    Shine up the sear with 1000 grit emery paper (or finer), and finish with metal polish. Clean very thoroughly and grease with drylube. I also polished up the part where the trigger pivot pin goes through (the sides, not the hole)


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      Hi, thanks for posting this here. I did see it on the old forum and was planning to try and do it from my memory. I'm sure it will be much easier with this great guide.