Availability of Milsurp Calibers

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  • Availability of Milsurp Calibers

    Just before the forum that shall not be named went down there were a few threads about a lack in the supply of milsurp ammo. When the milsurp boxes dry up like the Bulgarian 7.62x54r from LO, where can you buy those sorts of old calibers? Are there shops that sell commercial milsurp calibers?

    Im wondering because I am slowly working out where I can store my rifles, getting the PTA and looking at buying some milsurp rifles like the Mosin. Its going to be pretty irritating if I can't even feed the rifle in a years time.

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    Hi BlueHook - can't see Mosin 7.62x54rR running out per-Se - just genuine Milsurp maybe - commercial stuff is around - S&B, Barnaul, Highland to name a few. Given the number of Mosins in Oz - the industry hopefully will continue to supply ammo... I hope! Cheers, Macca