Cause for concern? 06 case deformation

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  • Cause for concern? 06 case deformation

    Hello all again!!
    scenery's pretty good round here.

    Been out to the range again with the brother and .30-06 and i noticed some of the spent brass is slightly deformed around the mouth, i'm going to post this and then try and get a photo uploaded please bear with me. but it looks like the mouth has been pushed in one side??? I have no idea what has caused it but its a few cases.
    my theory is that were running the bolt too quickly after each shot (Hot brass) and the case mouth drags along the chamber wall deforming???
    oh the rifle is a Sako Hunter SS, so it has a controlled feed (relatively controlled anyway) but i wouldn't think they'd get hot enough for that.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Click image for larger version

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    Heres the photo


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      Hilux12 commented
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      for some reason the photos off kilter ??

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      Brent65 commented
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      extractor is your problem me thinks, i would suggest your cases are hitting the inside of the action hard on extraction