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    After getting mucked around for a while with parts I have decided to organise and get my own parts and then get a smithy to fit it up . So I have the action now and stock but the stock needs a few mods small one's though nothing a dremel wont fix as its a 7 month wait for another . Maddco will be doing me a barrel soon and I have a muz break on the way .Now here's the thing I dont mind the finish and really cant see the point in painting the action and barrel it wont make it shoot any better but a good paint job makes the build Iam 50 -50 at the moment ? maybe black as the S&b PM11 is black . Suggestions please
    Its manners T4A Coyote tan
    Defiance action
    Jewel trigger
    T3 Muz break
    And a 27 inch straight tapper 1-10 maddco
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    Jethro, if you want bigger pics, where it says "Add File", once you've added it, press "Insert".
    I know, it got me by surprise too, until I fiddled around.
    keep us posted about the build. should be good.


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      you cant go wrong with an all black rig i reckon...
      im very interested to see this all up and running, i reckon ill build a .338 from a defiance action soonish. since surgeon wont sell bare actions anymore.

      keep us updated with pics and what not as the build comes along


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        check out cerakotes burnt bronze colour or barrett bronze (colour of the barrett mrad) if you want something different.

        they are some very nice components mate, is that surgeon DBM?


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          Jethro Bodine commented
          Editing a comment
          Sorry for the late reply guys I have just been putting a small file to the stock to slip the bottom metal in I need to file out the bolt recess as the defiance is a bit bigger and a differnet angle. The safety needs a small file out also to let it drop in and the locking lug slot needs to come back . Other than that it looks fine for a fit. Just a question do the mounting blocks sit proud of the stock by any amount or flush so the tang sits down neat. Iam guessing flat might have to check that one with the calipers.Its a AI DBM mate . Yeah I might send it out to get coated or can it be done at home with some paint from SLR coatings and a new sparygun. Anything like that I usually heat up the wood fire and hang the item (Hillbilly oven) But for what ist worth ant I might get maddco to send it over to lee for a paint job I dont want to screw it up .