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  • AI AX Chassis REVIEW

    (I just copied this over from as it took a bit of effort to write up and I did it for the benefit of people wanting to know a bit more about the chassis. MODS Please feel free to move the topic if need be, I couldn't find an appropriate topic))

    Hey guys,

    Just thought I would do a little review on my Accuracy International AX chassis. When I went to buy this chassis I couldn't find a lot of reviews on the net. I found a lot of comments about how awesome they were but not a lot else. So I basically bought the chassis not knowing if I would really like it.

    I would like to see a REVIEW section of the forum where people could post reviews. I am talking about proper reviews, not just a photo and comments like 'it's awesome'. We all spend a lot of money and we have some good gear sitting around so why not write up a decent review? It will help people looking to purchase this gear and might prevent a few of the mundane topics that get posted.

    At least our reviews would be un-biased! Only implications I would could see would be from a legal stand-point in relation to bad reviews. Nobody wants the forum to get sued for bad-mouthing a product and/or company.

    Anyway, back to the review. I imported this stock and accessories myself through They were a pleasure to deal with and helped me through the processes of filling out the paperwork (which wasn't much). I only thing I had to do my end was get a B709A because I got the mag with it. (plus I put the stock down on the B709A just to cover my ass)


    You can do a bit of research yourself to find the exact specs of the chassis. Its basically a straight bolt in for your action, no bedding required and the barrel is free floated (another selling point). It's basically a long aluminium block you bolt your action too. You then put together all the hard plastic pieces to make up the stock. It comes with an adjustable cheek piece for height and an adjustable length of pull. You can add/remove spacers at the rear to adjust LOP.

    The plastic pieces are held together by long screws and the whole setup is quite sturdy once put together. The tube around the barrel is held on by 10 screws and once attached isn't really meant to be removed very often. This can cause issues when trying to give the barrel a wipe down as it's near impossible to get a rag down there. I suppose its possible to give a good spray with oil but it would be a bit messy.

    I find the stock comfortable to shoot whether it's off the bonnet of my 4WD or on a bench at the range. It's rather heavy but I can't imagine too many people would use this as a carry around hunting setup. The pistol grip is a good size and I find it comfortable. I have medium size hands if that helps?


    The rails and magazine are excellent. I only really purchased the full length rail for looks. The downside is you need to mount your scope much higher but lucky the cheek piece can be raised to compensate. Would be handy for mounting NV or something else on the front of your scope.

    You get a few little rails as standard, namely one with a sling swivel (which I used to attach the bi-pod in the photos) Also in the photo with the magazine you can see a standard picatinny rail (I think they are about 3 inches?) and one with a little hole (forget what it's used for) so you can mount your harris/atlas bipod or even a laser or torch with the right rings. As you can see you can mount those rails on all four sides of the tube at any length.

    I only mounted a 10x fixed Bushnell elite as my range only shoots to 200m so no real need for big magnification at this stage. The rings are just steel Warne maxima.


    I got a few extra accessories with mine, namely with 5 round AI 308 mag and the 20MOA action and full length rail. All up it cost me about $1700 to purchase and import to my door. If you got one without the rails and mag you could probably get it landed for about $1400. This was about 6 months ago.


    Rifle in the stock is a Remington 700LTR .308. The barrel has been threaded and it's 20 inches. Also has a KRG bolt handle which simply bolts over the existing bolt handle on your Remington 700. I like it better then having your bolt threaded as it only cost $40 and I can remove it and attach to any R700 I wish. It very sturdy and well made.


    10/10? It's well put together and I can't really fault it in anyway.

    Quick summary of PROS and CONS

    Ability to attach accessories at different points around the stock
    Good selection of accessories
    Action bolts straight in, no bedding, just tighten the screws to the right torque
    Looks good
    ability to adjust LOP and cheek piece

    Can be a pain to shoot off the bench as a rear bag doesn't sit well under the stock (I believe someone on here was making an accessory to fix that)
    Whole setup is quite heavy which is a + when shooting off the bench but a pain when handling and/or hunting.
    Bit of an effort to get the barrel and action out

    This isn't a super detailed review but hopefully enough for those who might be deciding to purchase a chassis system like this.

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    Excellent write up and pics - and a damn fine looking rifle to boot!

    A dedicated 'Reviews' section is a good idea - I'll suggest it to the others.

    Cheers, Ben.


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      Thats a sweet looking setup mate, ive got one of the original AI Chassis on my .300 win, might have to get one of these for a .223 or 308 build I reckon!


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        The full length rail looks good, it wasnt available when I got mine


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          Originally posted by TRE" post=5820
          The full length rail looks good, it wasnt available when I got mine
          you can get the full length rails from eurooptic mate

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        Thanks for the review mate.

        I already have an AI system (an AICS with viperskins) but its always good to see a review on AI systems. I agree with your pros/cons.

        Might add that aftermarket triggers, at least a Timney 510 on an AICS (though it should be similar for an AI AX?), no longer requires any modification to the stock in order for it to fit. No problems with mine when installed.



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          Very well written out.

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        Why di the op get banned?