.470NE/.500NE Any experience

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  • .470NE/.500NE Any experience


    Just curious about the .450NE and the .500NE

    Any one used one, I know the ammo isn't cheap.... Love to hear some peoples experiences?

    I know it's a dream but would love to do some Dangerous game hunting

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    I had a 500x3"NE built on a Ruger No1. Alan Swan did the smithing for me about 25 odd years ago. I wanted to shoot Group 3 in The Big Game Rifle Club events and couldn't afford a double at the time. I think it was the first conversion of many done in this country. I had a ball shooting this gun over the years and won many matches with it. At the time it was very difficult to get cases for it. Bell cases were very expensive, and I ended up buying some old Eley and Kynoch cases from Old Western Scrounger in the States. This was before internet sales and everything was done by phone in the early hours of the morning.
    I ended up with about 45 double flash hole cases, and I had managed to get 40 Bell cases. These cost me nearly as much as the rifle. On the second firing I managed to have 4 cases crack around the case about 1/2 inch from the mouth. It was here that I realised the cases had stretched about 1/16th of an inch on the first firing.
    I had a 3 leaf sight from a 602 Brno fitted to the barrel and it needed to be filed to bring the POI to the POA. I shot about 40 full loads (95 grains AR2206 and a 570 gr Woodleigh projectile) off the bench. That was a marathon, and I ended up with a black and blue shoulder.
    Quite a lot of people had their first shot out of an "elephant gun" over the years using that rifle and had their appetite for large calibres wetted.


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      Thanks for the reply...

      Would love to have one but I bet the ammo is still expensive

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    No experience with these calibres. I am quietly confident, we I to fire one, it would put me in hospital. If not, my chiropractor would.


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      I've no experience as yet but I've promised myself a 500NE Double Rifle one day



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        I put 5 rounds through a 458lott today, kicks like a bitch it put a nice clean hole through a hard disk drive.