What was the last Firearm you fired?

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  • What was the last Firearm you fired?

    I got food rabbits with the 22LR Toz78 two days ago, but have not yet filled the freezer so I am going to get more food today.

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    I got food rabbits with the 22LR Toz78 two days ago, but have not yet filled the freezer so I am going to get more food today.


    • grevo
      grevo commented
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      gave my good old 45-70gov a bit of a run always fun that

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      Rob_7.62 commented
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      SR 22 last night (missed more than i hit)!!!!

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      Mudlark commented
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      .38-40 Winchester 92 about 2 weeks ago.

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    Last firearm, Sig X5. Last rifle, SMLE No1MKIII
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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      Last firearm..586 Smith, last rifle .310 cadet


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        well i pulled the.22 condor air rifle out to have a go at a couple of indian myna birds but they wont sit still for long and moved off so i took my frustrations out on a can instead. i killed it dead i did . i might have to put some food out to keep em closer perhaps
        i'll add a picture later


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          Suppressed AR15 in 300 AAC Blackout


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            for me it was my tikka varmint stainless 7-08, but with a tika lite .243 barrel on it, ken farrel 20moa rail, nightforce 12-42X56 and i was hunting on foot without a sling.

            what did i shoot? can't say but it was delicious

            it's time to get a hunting scope on it and find my sling



            • findlay13
              findlay13 commented
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              My Sako 85 .223 varmint last Sunday.Shooting my Sako 75 6.5x55 varmint tomorrow

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            My 686 on Wednesday, trying to use up the last of the mongrel Federal 38 special factory rounds I bought on a whim.
            They shoot OK, but are so bloody smokey they could be mistaken for black powder, no wonder they were cheap.
            Oh well, only about 6 packets to go......


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              Fired a CZ Shadow SP01 late this afternoon (Sat) at 25 metres.
              It's the first time I've used a CZ 9mm Auto.

              Shot all the rounds in the black, it surprized me that I did.
              The CZ has a long trigger pull as well.



              • El-Skippo
                Skip commented
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                .243 about 3 hr's ago after installing a new stock and scope for a mate. Then after all the heavy rain we have had the water has gone over the top dam and is now like a full blown waterfall all 500 ft of it. So i went for a drive and what do you think i see 50 odd goat's having a feed. Never seen goat's here ( Not around my part's anyway ) The thing's you see when you don't have a gun at the ready.

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              Savage mod 16 .223, about 3 hours ago. Helping my bother sight it in.
              Not suitable for mature audiences


              • DILLIGARA
                DILLIGARA commented
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                30-30 Marlin lever - last Wednesday..
                First shots since I bought it a while ago.
                Shot this gorgeous target at 100m

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              A week ago I shot this

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1379149760477.jpg
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              With this

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1379149655421.jpg
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              Would have to be the poorest pig I have ever seen
              AC shot a nice pig a few days before at the same spot
              the difference in condition is amazing
              Sent via pony express and mail plane

              You know that moment when the steak is on the grill and your mouth waters in anticipation? Vegans feel the same after mowing the lawn.


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                Whitedog commented
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                Shit, that thing is just skin and bones. Wonder if it was sick? You sure cured it at any rate

                Whoops in reply to Fishphillot

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              Originally posted by Accurate Calibre" post=1463
              "pics or it never happened!"
              Didn't take pics on the 300, got pics of a few of the others though does that count?


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                Finished about 5 hours ago. 300, 500 & 600 yards


                • El-Skippo
                  Skip commented
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                  Originally posted by Seddo" post=1503
                  Finished about 5 hours ago. 300, 500 & 600 yards

                  That look's mighty fine there Seddo

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                I just deleted my post as I could not even read the thread title correctly.....
                The LAST thing I shot was a 600 yard target with the Savage 6.5x47

                It was about 4 weeks ago and I am sad that I am all booked out for the next 3 weekends

                I hope I can remember what end points which way when I finally get behind a rifle again



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                  6602steven commented
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                  LOL john, the tittle says the last firearm you shot, not the last thing you shot. can we assume it was with the savage 6.5X47?

                  i'm hoping to put 70 rounds or so through my 6BR tomorrow


                • thelastword
                  thelastword commented
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                  The last one I fired was my Glock 34 last weekend.

                  The first one I fired was a Stevens 12g back in 1966.
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                308 second hand Omark job @ 800 -- 4 wind on and a double 50 with a couple of x`s in each on F Class targets .
                On of the better blokes shot a 60 with 7 x with a 284 -- I just drooled -- I will never be able to afford more than to look at that dam rifle.
                To late to learn or afford to be that good 30 yrs too dam late.

                Some times life just sucks.
                Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

                Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.