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    If anyone hasn't seen any vids on this new straight-pull linear action, check them out.

    They put a lot of thought into it and full of innovative features.
    Stripping it down with no tools and same for converting from left to right hand and a few trigger settings.

    They will sell caliber conversions with, I think bolt head, mag, and barrel.

    On another vid, they reckon it is very accurate as well as a very fast action.
    Also strong as they stick a projectile into the barrel press it in a way and shoot a round.
    It doesn't even crack, let alone explode.

    I haven't seen what cals it comes in as yet.

    It is said to be a good price but for us, I will believe it when I see it.

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    Hopefully chambered in 6.8 Western, would be a nice bit of kit..


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      Originally posted by GD308 View Post
      Hopefully chambered in 6.8 Western, would be a nice bit of kit..
      Fuck yeah...! Would have been nice if the Benelli Lupo was chambered in it too.

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        Will be interesting what cals come out later as it sounds like the basic ,308 and 30-06 type stuff first.
        Was a mention of magnum stuff still fitting the action.

        I think it was about 7lb bare, so like most Euro rifles I guestimate.

        About $2,500 for us so not bad, wouldn't have thought it would be any cheaper than that.
        Good value if you can use it as your .223 and then go deer hunting in Brokeback cal.
        Sposed to stay sighted in as the scope doesn't move and the barrels fit in nice and consistent.

        Beretta have done the rotating bolt head before and bigger cals have more locking lugs, should be no problems.
        The Iti dude said they have done it all before


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          It will still suffer with magazine length. As all production rifles, they don't cater for the high BC bullets.
          At the end of the day its just a manual AR design so adding lugs is compromising else where.
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            Yeah but those of us that move with times and or don't want 300win mags shouldn't have issues as the new gay stuff is short action.
            If the 6.8 takes off quick enough, they may add it to the conversion kits.

            The 6.8 Brokebacks are now coming out as the yanks are getting their hands on the Browning rifles that are getting into the shops now.


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