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  • Omark 308 and Central sights

    I have an Omark 308 with a set of Central aussie made peep sights, someone said these sights are set up for 155gn sierras? Does anyone know if this is correct and maybe what sort of velocities I can work to to get these dialled in out to 600yds?

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    I used the 155 dyre pills with the no4 sight.

    I did zero it at 100 using the screws and moving the slider to coincide with the mark.

    Only ever got mine out to 500, it was nearly spot on with the dial and indicator. But the operator was most likely the fault having to add a click or two, Couldn't tell you the speed as I didnt get to finalise the load. Due too the issues with the range we had too deal with when we finally got access back. Majority of the club gave up the full bore side of things due to how everything went down.

    Only sold mine last year,


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      thanks mate, someone else mentioned dyre pills too

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    someone correct me if I am wrong - memory is a bit fuzzy regarding Omark + centrals [I sold both of mine in '98ish]

    As Omark full bore rifles were introduced to replace .303's back in the days when military issue ammunition was the only stuff allowed in full-bore competition [reloads and civilian factory ammo were against the rules], wouldn't the central sight's calibration plate originally have been marked to match the military ammo of the time - with it's 144 grain FMJ??
    You will probably find the Omark is stamped as being 7.62mm, and not .308 win.

    At the shorter ranges, trajectory would be fairly similar - with longer ranges the difference will be significant if using modern ammo and projies.
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      Not that I know much about it all but the 144 grn ADI ammo was what I first used in Omarks around the time they were the new kid on the block in Target shooting.
      The sights had a removable plate stamped 7.62 for vertical elevation.
      There was also a LANE sight which came with one of my old SMLES that had been a target rifle at one time.
      Sights as I knew them were half minute elevation and some where one third minute.
      Adventurous tinkerers < tr shooters are that> used to take the thumbwheel off and carefully scribe another line onto the graduation scale between the lines already there.
      Add a bit smaller ball bearing and you had a quarter minute sight which fitted just fine on Martinis and so on for small bore comp`s as well as being more than enough for TR in big bore.
      Then along came scopes and Night force and the rest has sort of melted into the fog of history.
      Ciao .

      1/8 minute sort of equates nicely on a martini at 50 yds =1 click per bullet hole in the target or close to it depends on the length of the barrel i suppose but it worked for me..
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