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  • First outing for 2021

    YES, my first outing since lock-down. After everything that happened last year, covid, dad passing and my ute disabled I had to finally get out there and pop some caps. So, come Wednesday I packed a few guns picked up the young bloke and off we went to the farm.
    I packed the Winchester 7x57 Featherweight, the Winchester 308 Carbine and an Anschutz 22. James packed a Brno Mod 1 .22, Brno TGF .22, Winchester M101 12g and of course the Remmy M7615.
    Pumped some rounds at the creek bank at the start of the day (since nothing moves at midday) and went looking for some creatures late in the afternoon. Didn’t account for much but it was a fun outing anywise.
    The one outstanding event was that the factory 223 ammo James was using was rather hot. Primers were flattening and on two occasions cases got stuck in the chamber and took some effort to extract. Other goof ups were that I forgot to pack ammo for the 308 and James discovered one of the screws on the detachable mounts on the No 1 was missing (presumed MIA), oh well.

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    If you're going through hell, keep going."
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    You got to get on with things and most of all get out for a shot, good stuff.
    I will take a walk next week despite snakes, ticks, and prob leeches.

    I seem to get a feeling when something is forgotten as I drive away from home.
    No mag to test shoot the CZ515 semi type action was a classic.
    Never forgot ammo for hunting, just the range finder, bino harness, windicator, and just about every other item.
    I did once pull the plastic rack of ammo out of the Federal box and think, I don't need all 10, so grabbed the other one with 5 or 6.
    Turned out they were empty and I didn't look closely as I normally would to check, lucky it was the only time I took the bow as well.

    Bad enough that the other companies are dropping their QC on their explosive products but nothing is a surprise from that company.
    I would demand it be replaced with another brand or refund for safety.


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      We enjoyed the trip none the less.
      I had a bit of a dig at him 'cause he had a couple of misses and watched the fur beares wander off. I said why didn't you pump your action and take another shot? He bowed his head. LOL I think I had him on a bolt action too long.
      If you're going through hell, keep going."
      Winston Churchill