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  • Sako TRG 22 .308

    Hi everyone I need some advice,

    I have been eyeing off a Sako Trg 22 in .308 thats been on consignment for about a year at my LGS. Im not sure how many owners its been through but I am told that a guy who owns it used it for Fclass and has upgraded to something else. I am unsure how many round have been through it but upon inspection the bore seems clean, shiny with good rifling.

    The only thing I can knock about it is the stock, while its pretty good condition it appears as if its a faded/worn. I might try get some pics.

    Black stock with blued barrel.
    Original Sako muzzle break.
    1 x 10 round magazine.
    16 x 42 Lynx scope with target turrets

    Price $3800 (im guessing ono).

    My questions are has anyone got experience with this rifle? What do you think about them?
    What sort of price would something like this fetch or should I offer?
    Would I be better off building a custom rifle?

    I will be using this for target shooting to 600m then I might have a play in Fclass.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks

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    They are a bloody good rifle. You have good reason to be hesitant if it's been there for a year tho. 3800 is a lot to drop on a rifle if the barrel is fragged out.


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      If you can have it checked out and its good, go for it, walk in with cash and see if you can get a good price. I bought a TRG42 with only a couple of pictures to look at and i got a great rig!

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    Go for it mate. I've got the stealth black stock with phosporised barrel. Shoots .5 MOA at distance all day with factory 165 & 175g Federal GM. After christmas I'll work up a load and cant wait to see what it can really do. Even if the barrel is on it's last legs shoot it out and rebarrel in a 260Rem. I got quoted just under a grand for a match grade Benchmark barrel fitted ready to go. Great trigger, well balanced, handles well and just an all round great rifle. As xbrute said though, make an offer, or ask for it without the scope and put a first focal on it.


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      Just noticed your in Vic. If your avail I'll be at little river later today and next weekend if you want to put a few rounds down.

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      Always wanted a TRG22. Amazing rifle.
      More to the point where did you find Federal GMM? My local shops are out of supply and won't restock yet.


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    Here is a list of SNIPER rifles.

    Below is a picture of a SNIPPER [Whipper SNAPPERS l ].

    Pic 2 is a demo of a less then latest model whipper Snapper pushing a Lawn mower---- different beast similar work.
    Possibly not the long range target model but it does the job

    Spelling is important for those who want to distribute facts
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    Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

    Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.


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      I was being sarcastic :P Very few at all use the TRG and for very good reasons but I doubt the Sako fan boys here would ever believe the TRG aint all shes cracked up to be, they are fine as range queens but they do not stand up to hard use all that well. I certainly would never waste money on another one and I had a 42, anyway if you can get an AI for similar money it's a no brainer IMHO.