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  • BSA CF2

    Hi all. I have long owned a BSA CF2 in .270W and have been very happy with it in almost all ways. However, it has always had a problem where it wants to feed two rounds unless I am very positive with the action. Typically rounds 2 and 3 or 3 and 4 want to double load. Generally I reload the cartridges with 110-120g hollow point or softpoint projectiles seated out just off the lands but still within allowable maximum bullet length. Test trial of deeper seating doesn't seem to make a great deal of difference and nor does using new brass to allow better slippage of the cartridges across the top of each other. Have also played with easing the magazine spring (made up a replacement one) again with no noticeable difference.

    Has anyone had similar experiences with CF2s and does anyone know why this happens and a solution?


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    I've also been a happy BSA user for a long time and various models. Never met this problem though.

    If you don't get answers here have a look at my post 13 Oct 2013 on CF2 extractor parts. There is a link provided there to a BSA specialist in UK, where these rifles seem to be a lot more common than here. That site has a BSA model ID list too.