Where to shoot. 338 LM in QLD

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  • Where to shoot. 338 LM in QLD

    I was thinking of getting a .338 LM in the next couple of years but was wondering where I would be able to shoot in in South East Queensland? From my understanding the caliber exceeds the safety profile at any of the Belmont ranges so where can you shoot it?

    Also by shoot it I mean at a range that has a reasonable length for such a caliber.
    Always in need of just one more gun.

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    Doubt you will find a range that will go past 1200 as at belmont.

    I heard soem talk abotu a range out dalby way getting approved for it, not sure though.

    Best bet is private property....


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      Pretty sure you can shoot .338lm at Wattle Grove Park. A bit of a drive from Brisbane but.
      Formally know as 462......


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        2 Hours is a bit of a drive from south Brisbane but it is definitely something I would be willing to do.

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      I understand that the police are pretty cagey about giving permission for that calibre so make sure you have your rationale fir your genuine reason straight when you buy.
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        Should have been a bit more clear about me considering 2 hours to be a 'long drive', I currently live 10 minutes from Belmont so anything further then that is longer then I am used to going for range shooting.

        That said I would still be happy to drive as long as possible though 6 hours+ is starting to say I need to stay the whole weekend to make it worthwhile and I don't get that many weekends completely free. Not enough free at least to keep as regularly practised as I would like.
        Always in need of just one more gun.


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          Rightio that makes sence. Good weekend stretching the legs of your 338lm will probable keep you satisfied every couple of months with range trips scattered between?

          Hardest thing is finding a property but a lot of property owners are really good about it. Best to drive out and knock on a few doors maybe or contact the local council in a few small towns and see what they know beforw you head out

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        gympie range allows 338LM, i was asking about it and my local said they have down them before and all of the buyers were a member of gympie as its one of the only ones in SEQ that allowed it