How Important are rifle stocks ... really ?

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  • How Important are rifle stocks ... really ?

    Just watched this video ... check the stock , and the bipod LOL

    Blokes stock is just a bit of 2x4 timber No action screws, no bedding, only inletted for trigger, bottom metal, and recoil lug.

    Have a look at the " build thread " pics here
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    Oh baby, I'm off to Bunnings!


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      gotta love the bipod.

      made from "Harris-Wood".


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        I actually like rough looking guns like this.

        I'd be interested to see some groups from this rifle & compare them to groups from a "proper" rifle.


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          Depends on the purpose....

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        From what I can understand it seems to be a sleeved barrel of sorts, they do a good job of not delving into detail of the barrel construction, but it would seem that the proof is in the video.... No external disturbance, no shot to shot variance, and the ability to apply the fundamentals pay off.

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