Cleaning locking lug area in the action

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  • Cleaning locking lug area in the action

    Good day, all.
    I'm having a spot of bother cleaning the are where the lugs lock into the neck of the barrel.. I hope I've said that correctly.
    There doesn't seem to be any way I can get anything in there to give them a sweep. Should I use compressed air, a special tool, or a stick of dynamite.
    I know there is crap in there, I just can't get it out.
    And let's just say that I was able to clean this area out, does it need lubrication if the bolt is lubricated?
    Thank you for your help

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    toothbrush with the head cut back in length like a bolt lug can be used sometimes.

    once cleaned, maybe a tiny bit of dry lube, or tiny bit of gun oil (g96) or similar.
    too much lube will help accumulate debris in that area quicker.


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      Brownells sell a doo dad that holds dental cotton rolls to clean this area.

      yes, i lube with gunslick graphite based grease but only on the back of the bolt lugs.

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    Lube your locking lugs after every shoot. I use copper paste, others use moly grease. Ditto your cocking cam.
    You are talking about the ante-chamber.
    Bend a piece (250mm) of #8 wire at one end, in to a right angle. The end should be 8mm long. Form a roundish "handle" at the other end. Cut the tips off cotton buds for babys' ears. Grind the wire to fit in the hole of the plastic stick that the cotton is wrapped around. Insert tool in to action, cotton bud uppermost, so as to keep it clean before it enters the ante-chamber. Rotate tool. Replace bud when necessary.

    My thanks to the late Jim Sweet, for his tool and nomenclature.


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      I do something similar to the above ↑↑↑

      but it's a bent piece of coathanger wire then I just wrap a patch around it with small piece of masking tape to hold it in place. I find slightly thicker wire gives a bit more control

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      This is the kit I use - works well.
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        Same as above for me, I've used the Sinclair one for years.



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          Locking lugs must be greased to prevent wear.

          Clean as said is best done with a patch on a bent piece of plastic coated wire (no sharp points) or a cut down brush.

          For me its easy, I just screw the barrel off and clean from the front of the action then regrade the lugs with boretech grease



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            hey guys, thanks for all of your help. Most of the stuff on the net talks about action cleaning for centerfires, but I still haven;t found anything for rimfires.
            Unfortunately, I may need to have someone spell it out for me.
            Does anyone have an action cleaning kit for a 22lr? Or have you made your own?
            In any case, would you spell out for me exactly how you use it? Sorry to ask this, but I'm getting confused.
            Thanks everyone.