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  • 22-250? 223 AI? 223 WSSM chat

    hey gents and lase's
    Was doing some reading today and came across a calibre, 223 Ackley Improved, that I had never heard of before. I know about Wild cats etc, but didnt know the AI were a semi commercial loading.

    Any one got any experience with the 223 AI, or have a comparision to the 22-250?

    I am really a big calibre kinda guy, ie bigger than 308, thinking 300WM, but the hot 22s are very interesting.
    Just your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated fellas.
    heres some reading:

    One pic is the 223 vs 223 AI fire formed case, i like the AI advantage in that you can run standard factory loads no worries and it fireforms the case to AI for you for free
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    How does the 22-250 and AI compare to the balooned 223 WSSM

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks gus your imput would be greatly appreciated

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    223AI is nothing new. almost been around since the 223.
    it is literally the same as the 222rem mag, with only acute differences in shoulder angles
    it will never equal the 22-250, but it does allow a short actioned rifle another 50 to 100fps over the standard 223, sharper shoulder angles to potentially aid accuracy and limit unwanted case expansion and that's about it.
    for some reason the 223AI is gaining popularity in the USA though. but I think this is only because it may slightly increase velocity on the much loved long range
    (VLD type) projectiles over there, and its still very pleasant to shoot off the bench etc.

    223WSM never really took off much due to being massively over bored, and burning out barrels rapidly.
    I've read many reports of barrels not lasting 600 to 800 rounds, before there's signs of severe throat erosion..
    also, due to the shape of the "223" WSM case, feeding rounds from the magazine to the chamber was a problem in the majority of brands of actions because its such a fat case with such a small neck to help guide it in. By all the reports I've read over a few years, it is also not an inherently accurate cartridge, and by the time you've worked up a load that shoots "ok",.....its half worn out.
    also due to the case size, it reduces your options should you want to re-barrel it as its case head size (hence bolt face) is not the more common sizes, compared to the shorter action lengths they were sold in.
    basically Winchester were trying to excite the market into thinking a short action cartridge that can duplicate or beat 220 swift performance.
    something Winchester no doubt may have regretted.
    but as the 'ol saying goes,........."you can't beat cubic capacity.


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      thank you send it thats awesome.

      I dont plan to reload stright away, I only have a pistol press square deal so planning on just running factory for the first few months minimum.

      Is there much of a difference price of just cheaper factory 22-250 to 223. 223 I know you can buy for 60-70 cents each in the cheap stuff, would i be right in saying 22-250 are arounf the $1.50 mark each? cos thats 300 win mag price if im not wrong?

      thanks again

      "shoot straight shoot quick"
      Coonan 357 Magnum semi Auto- like shooting a laser!!!!!


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        nah,........250 is between 90 cents to $1.20 a shot, depending what brand/type ammo you buy.
        probably no more than 15% dearer than 223.
        no where near 300wm prices.

        don't be surprised if a mod shifts this thread to the 'cartridges' sec.
        unless you're talking about rifles relating to this.


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          .204 Ruger....cos I have one.
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            Editing a comment
            I use a 22-250 because I wanted the extra distance over the 223 and also as Send-it wrote - the bolt face makes for an easy caliber change later on. I suggest that you look at the twist rates between 22-250 and 223 and if you want to use the heavier bullets (above 55gn) in the 22-250 get the appropriate twist rate. The 22-250 is the most versatile of the three calibers' WRT loads (from small and slow to very fast).