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  • Boyds Stock For Savage AXIS

    After an early morning email alert on the 9th of October from Boyds announcing the long awaited production of a laminate stock for the Axis, I couldn’t get out my credit card fast enough. Boyds have a reputation for producing a value for money stocks as a replacement for OEM items and if any rifle needed a replacement stock, it’s the Savage Axis.

    Ordering is simple with several options starting with Make, Model, Action, Shape and Finish. The first two speak for themselves but with “Action” you need to choose between long and short action depending on calibre. Three options are available for stock shape starting with Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole and Prairie Hunter. All stocks come finished. To finish your order you can now look at colour options ranging in Forest Camo, Nutmeg and Pepper. There is a Custom option but this will cost more and your order won’t be processed if order over 100USD. My order was a short action (223) Prairie Hunter in Pepper.

    After being in transit for 9 days and well packed for its long journey the new stock arrived with no damage to packaging. Having had Boyds’ stocks delivered before I had a good idea what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed this time either. At first look all was intact and finished well with a deep lustre to bring out the Peppers black and grey achromatic subtle nuances. The inletting was a nice clean cut with plastic tabs are inserted in place where the magazine fixes to the stock when inserted so over time you’re not digging into the laminate. Included in the stock is a new trigger guard and recoil lug glued in place so removing the factory one is not needed.

    So now comes the fun part of fitting the new stock. Removing the two factory action screws using an Allen key will have the action out and ready to nestle into its new well crafted resting place. With the barrelled action placed in the new stock you can instantly feel your MOA improving as you use the factory action screws to secure and torque the action down to the prescribed settings. All you have to do now is make sure the safety, magazine and bolt release all function as they should, and of course safely see if you can cycle and chamber dummy rounds. All works fine! You won’t have any issues with the stock and barrel interference with two Mc Garretts and a Fat Lady sliding all the way to the iconic barrel nut.

    The Axis has a completely different feel when shouldering and a better balance to it even with the extra weight, less than 3lb 12oz on the Boyds and the plastic stock is on 1lb 11 3/4oz, over the plastic stock it’s still a great walk around rifle. Yet to get out to the field or range but I’m sure it will be much better that the old stock and shoot even better still making it the best budget rifle you can get.

    Just what the Doc ordered

    Replaces OEM stock
    Value for money / Price
    Options Available for stocks and colour
    Easy fitment
    Nice finish

    Lack of optional extras (stippling / checkering)
    No pillars
    Needs a metal inserts for mag
    Price of shipping 80USD
    No left hand option as yet


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    thats quite the test a pineapple and a granny smith lol . either way looks nice hopefully shoots better to