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  • Straight From Ruger's Mouth

    Depending which LGS you ask, you are told...

    1 - No Rugers until Oct next year
    2 - No idea, but once a shipment is on the way we will know six weeks before arrival
    3 - Anything else from the most pessimistic to the optimistic. Make it up as long as it sounds good.

    That all sounds vague. So I contacted Ruger directly and asked them to please not forget that we in Australia like to buy their products too. This is what they wrote back to me...

    "We have been shipping firearms, but we have not come close to filling our distributors requirements,
    either in the USA or internationally, and some configurations are harder to get than others. In addition,
    we sell our goods through a two step process to wholesale distributors, and our distributors sell to
    retailers like yours. Because of this, we have no control over the order in which retailers receive their

    We suspect this is simply an issue of demand drastically exceeding supply. Please be patient; we are
    shipping as quickly as we build them."

    This doesn't help any, I know. But it sheds a little light on their distribution model. And nothing really surprising. But just is good to get it directly from them. So... be patient

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    G'Day Fella's,

    Thats OK, I prefer Remingtons and Kimber's!



    • aussiebob
      aussiebob commented
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      Same for my LGS,inquried about a No1,was told none in stock and no shipments in the immediate future,apparently all production is being snapped up in the USA.
      Watch the prices of the second hand No 1,s climb.

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    I think they're getting on top of it.
    Cleavers is just taking delivery of a heap of gp100s, mkiii and 22/45s
    4" gp100s now and 22/45s January. No spare 6" gp100s or mkiii's tho, all applied to back orders.

    I just ordered a 4" gp100 and a 22/45 in basic black ! Both for January delivery.