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  • Rem 700 and TAC21 Chassis

    Lads here is a Rem 700 in 5.56mm(223) that I transformed for myself but mt daughters have claimed it. Does any one else out there done simular to their Rem 700?
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    nice and simple setup , like it alot


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      Looks good
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        Nice. Im planning mine the same way with an A2 stock also. Simple and effective. I like AR ergonomics. Same on my crossbows.
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        • richo
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          Very nice,looking to do the same

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        I eventually want to do the same thing, but with those really short 16.5" barreled Rem 700's.

        Can you get one chambered specifically in 5.56?

        Here is a picture from the old forum... I want mine too look exactly the same, only with the shorter barrel
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        • Arob0010
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          they all look awesome and i have a rem 700 in 308 with a varmint barrel
          and have been tossing up between the tac 21 or the or the krg whiskey3
          i think these are wining the battle with looks and also the bonus of seeming much easy to find in stock
          and not having to wait 6 month of them to make it to the country

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          How did the iron sites go?

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        Looks good mate. I have been looking a different tactical stocks but keep coming back to the Tac21. Something about it just pleases me.


        • Obrim
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          Mate I have a krg whiskey 3 and a tac21 and I can honestly say the whiskey 3 wins hands down. Even though it's more expensive it's totally worth it, but you don't have to buy a buttstock or grip with the W3.

          The W3 just feels better and the machining is second to none. You can adjust it to exactly match your body and shooting style.

          Biggest draw back to the tac21 for me was the full length rail which meant I had to get super high rings to get my nightforce 56mm to fit. And also that I have the old style butt and I had to shim it up with aluminium cans to get rid of the movement.

          Any questions about both chassis just ask!

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          I found after over 20 yrs in the Army( Infantry ) that the assault rifle like handling came second nature. I'm chasing a second hand Rem700 in 7.62mm to do up a twin for the 5.56mm one.

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        without trying to derail thread at all,....what are those types of chassis like for hunting?
        I would assume not quite as comfy as a conventional shape?
        or are they best used when doing deliberate shooting (target etc)?
        only asking coz i'd like to build something like that but can't really justify it to myself, as i'm 20% target/80% hunter.


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          I find it comfortable to carry and easy to aquire a site picture from all normal firing positions. Some may find it slightly on the heavy side but you rapidly get used to it. If you keep them simple and don't load them up with additional picitinni rails and hang extra fruit all over them they are a great hunting platform and a even better target/tactical platform.

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        HI there digging up an old thread.

        I have seen these for the Savage model 11's.

        Can you purchase from USA without a permit, alot of the EBAY shops stipulate for postage to USA only.

        Where did you fellas buy yours from? PM if you dont want to state publically.