Pmags for Cat B rifles

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  • Pmags for Cat B rifles

    So I'm looking at the mossberg flex tactical.

    Interested in the 10 shot full length Pmags offered by Cleavers.

    I understand they are limited by an internal block, but how are the bases sealed? Does it look neat and tidy, or are they rivited or something?

    If anyone has one, could you be so kind as to post a picture.

    Many thanks,

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    They are pretty well sealed. Looks like some type of glue or plastic weld. With enough time and spare parts you may be able to work around it but given the cost i'm not game.

    Here are the full sized ones I picked up from the store in question

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks Mr Doom.

      They look neat and tidy, just was wondering if it was some half assed job done after the mags left the factory.

      Will drop you a PM