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  • Remington 700 SPS Tactical

    These look like a compact tack driver. Has anyone used one?
    Too heavy for a walk around / trek into the hills gun? I haven't seen one yet, but they tick a few boxes...

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    good rifles, as per remington.
    if you like Hogue overmoulded stocks.
    group shooting in these stocks can be slightly challenging, to get the best out of them.
    other than that, they're great for hunting on foot, and shooting from a car, due to their compactness, and speed at which they can be shouldered and pointed in.


    • fxol
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      The general consensus is that stock is too flexible at the forend, but some suggest filling the "honeycomb" with epoxy. Could be a reasonably easy fix... Other than that and as long as it's not too weighty, a matching pair in 223 and 308 might be the go.........

      ps Where do we buy replacement stocks from?

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    check out my thread on Hogue stock mods.
    it might be of interest.


    • Jester308
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      Take the stock off and its just like any other remington, both good and bad.

      My project 700 started life as a SPS-T, it shot well in the factory stock but yes the hogue's fore end has some flex but is controllable if you don't load it like its machine gun.. the hogue as a hunting and spotlighting stock was actually pretty nice, comfortable grip and fore end, good recoil pad, pointed well and the rubber coating wasn't to bad with sweaty hands or against the window frame.

      Second hand stocks pop up on used guns from time to time, or try some of the gunships. you may even find some in the SSAA mags ads. Any of the HS or bell and carbons do well, bolt a HS Precision LTR takeoff stock on them and you'll pretty much have an unfluted rem 700 LTR.

      Good luck and have fun mate.

    • fxol
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      Thanks Sendit, good job. I may have to pick your brain......

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    Thanks for the replies, I'm keen to see one as I'm sure it will fit my needs. Why do Hogue make a gunstock that needs work?????

    Yes the price of $1k is good too.


    • GD308
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      If you are just using the rifle as a knock about then the Hogue doesn't need any work at all, these stocks are built to a price and for most folks they work great.
      If you are trying to extract accuracy and consistency from your rifle then the Houge is probably one of the best things to change out first.