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    To be honest I am not sure where this fits. But it is a bolt action rifle we are talking about (ruger 77/357) which I like just fine. But to out fit for a hunting trip I am going to need a sling for this baby (even if it is fairly light). Does anyone know where you get the actual swivel (The rifle has the mounting rings for the sling swivel like other 77's) and of course are they difficult to install. any help you can give would be appreciated.
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    Most LGS should have the swivels and the Quick Detachable variety are dead easy to fit.
    or can buy them online
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      are you talking about the swivel studs that go in the front and rear ends of the stocks?
      if so,......piece a cake.
      the rear stud will have a course type thread on it where it will screw into a small pre drilled hole.
      the front stud will have a fine thread on it where it can poke through the pre drilled hole in the front of the stock , where a nut or lock nut can be put on it from inside the barrel channel (so remove barreled action to do this), put a tiny tiny bit of loktite on it so it wont undo.

      if you're talking about the QD swivel sling atachments, they can be purchased on their own, and fitted to a sling, or you can buy a sling with them on.
      they're easy to clip onto the stock studs.
      wind out the finger screw sleave, push in the sleave to open the other side, then rotate slightly.
      you'll see.