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  • Ruger gunsite polymer mag

    Sorry if this has been covered previously

    I am trying to find out if it is possible to use or to modify a ruger gunsite polymer mag to fit into a standard AI magazine slot.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried it?

    Unless Ruger has engineered something into their mag so that it doesn't fit, I'm led to believe it should go straight in. The ruger is a copy of the AI.

    I haven't got one, so I don't know for sure, but that's what have been told.


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      I know that Ruger say that its "not reccomended for other AI platforms" but I have heard of them working, they are just a littl big and you may have to file them, otherwise they will be tight/ wont fit


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        just had to file it down a bit. Here is one in my savage.

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      Yes there is a poly mag specifically for the GSR.. I have one, works great and does not wobble and make noise like the metal one.


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        The quick answer is NO they do not fit.

        The long answer is that you can make them fit with some modifications.
        First off, the 3 round mags do not fit, the 5 and 10 should fit with a bit of work. The two main features that stop them from fitting are the feed lips and the stiffening ribs, both of these features have been added to add strength as the polymer is not as stiff as steel. The feed lips are longer and will need to be cut back, the amount depends on the type of rifle and what is happening around the feed ramp. The stiffening ribs stick out on the sides and back of the magazine, the ribs clash with the magazine well before it is fully inserted. They will need to be filled back to being flush with the body, how much needs to come off depends on the type of stock or DBM system.

        I have attached an image of what needs to be removed, the solid red is where the feed lips get cut back, the hatched red shows where the ribs need to be filed off:

        Click image for larger version

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        I macgyvered one up once in the field with a leatherman after my steel mag was damaged, and only a spare Ruger mag was available. I would do it again in an emergency but probably not if I had the choice. The beefed up features are there for a reason and the magazines are weaker when you start removing material, fine if using it on a bench at the range but if you are out and about - just get an alpha mag (and a spare )