HELP!!! with 30 round mag for AIA

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  • HELP!!! with 30 round mag for AIA

    hi all,

    so i got some old 30 round AK mags for my AIA (7.62x39) but can't get them to work, i've tried 3 and none will pick up form the left hand side only the right.

    i've tried swapping the followers with ones from my 10 rounders (that work) and the only other idea i have is grinding on the left hand feed lip.

    anyone got any other ideas or better yet actually know the answer?

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    Mate, I am under the impression that 30 round mags are illegal in most states.

    Check your state legislation and make sure you are allowed to have 30 round mags in your possession.

    If they are not legal then you could be risking your firearms license.


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      live in vic , have an exemption from mag limits for IPSC which is what i bought the rifle to use it for, so all good legally just need technicaly help

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    Im not totally familiar with the AIA but it may need to have a single feed mag instead of the stagger feed your using. If thats true wou may be able to mod the feedlips to fix it.
    As I said not totally sure but its worth a look


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      thanks mod

      the feed lips look almost identical i'll post pictures of each tomorrow, the fact that it won't feed is just odd.

      i was hoping someone who already had done it would see the post


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        check the spring and the face of the mag.
        hand load the mag and push the rounds off with your hand to feel if the round is catching on something maybe.
        pull apart the mag and clean it?
        and check the face of the bolt.


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          If the left side round isn't presenting to the bolt face, try holding the magazine in a bit further.... It may not be quite high enough. If this doesn't work, or it cannot go higher than it's locked position, then the feed lips are your problem. I'm not familiar with the set up,m but grinding them away will only make the round come out easier when you don't want it to. You will probably need to bend the left side open a little at a time until either the round is high enough to be picked up by the bolt or the round jumps out after the right side round is fed... which means you have gone too far.

          Will wait on pics to be sure, but thats pretty much all that is involved with real Lee Enfields


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            Try cycling real fast that seemed to work for me.


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              Yeah I've got an idea................get rid of that pop gun! Baaaahaaa!