any factory 303 ammo for sale

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  • any factory 303 ammo for sale

    Hi there just putting out a thread incase anyone has a box or two of 303 ammo they don't need.
    im located around Alb-wod & not too sure how to go about transporting ammo but if your not far away happy to work something out.


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    Or Even a set of Dies , while im here!

    would be interested in your 2nd hand dies if no longer needed!



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      The last time I was in the South Australian Rifle Association they had a fair few rounds for sale. The sad news is that freight would be a killer.

      There is a guy in Qland who has .303 brass for sale. I bought 100 and am over the moon with them. You may be lucky and he may read this. I left his mail on the now dead site. I would suggest a Lee Loader for 303 if you do not have the money for a press but you will still need a case trimmer etc. If you use the Lee dipper, make sure you use the correct powder.

      Due to the cost of projectiles I now plink with HRBC projectiles and Trailboss Powder, not as much recoil but a lot easier on the pocket. I keep the more powerful stuff for my son to hunt with.

      I wish you well in your search for dies and ammo.


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    From memory, both Centreway Firearms and Gun Emporium in Melbourne have commercial .303 ammo (if you're ever down that way...)
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      Thanks mate, a lot of the stores do have ammo, I just thought someone might have some left over stuff they wanna part with.

      my lgs has 1 box of highland left which il jump on I think.

      same goes for the dies, a 2nd hand set might b cheaper an do the job fine if surplus to someones needs


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    Im surprissed you are having problems with getting .303 ammo, both LGS around me(country towns) have plenty of supply and always stock up. Last lot i got was remington 185grns for about $28 a box of 20.