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    Hi guys,

    Looking for some suggestions for further mods to my Marlin X7VH. So far all I've done is replace the stock with a thumbhole varmint stock. What Im looking at is....

    - Shorten the barrel
    - Threaded barrel and fit muzzle brake
    - Look into fitting a box mag setup (blind mag standard)
    - Tactical bolt knob (unsure as to wether i can get one to fit over the existing one and clear the scope! may have to be a custom job)

    Its not a light rifle due to the heavy barrel, I'd love to make it a tad lighter so its a bit more manouverable in the bush. Im not doing any extreme long range shooting with it but would love to still keep it accurate up to 500m. Most of the shooting I do would be out of a vehicle, but on occasions would go for a trundle through the bush. Also do some range shooting.

    Any info, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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