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  • Accuracy International ending AE production

    Accuracy International would like to formally announce to the Sniper’s Hide Community that we will be ending production of AE rifles in 2013.

    The AE, in .308 calibre, was introduced at the request of the law enforcement community in 2001 with a basic black, fixed stock, fixed cheek-piece and 24 inch barrel. The AE has been popular with Law Enforcement and civilian shooters worldwide. It evolved through two product improvement stages, the AE MkII and AE MkIII featuring an AW style three-position safety, removable trigger group, standard adjustable check-piece and redesigned 5 and 10 round magazines.

    After 12 years it is time to bring production of this model to an end and the final batch is now in the assembly process in our UK factory. We will continue to support all versions of the AE as we have done with our AW Series, which has seen upgrades throughout its life.

    New Accuracy International 2014 models will be announced at the Shot Show in Las Vegas on January 14, 2014. We know there will be a lot of questions about this, however at this time we are not prepared to say anymore other than... you will not be disappointed. We are in pre-production of the 2014 Models now, so come Shot Show you’ll be able to get your hands on them.

    Thanks for your continued support !

    Tom Irwin,
    Accuracy International

    Now I'm just wondering if this put's AE rifles into a sought after collectors item since they won't be made any more, a bit like the Steyr SSG P1 model.
    Don't sacrifice the shot you are currently taking, for one that may or may not come in the future. Jacob Bynum.

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    It appears to me that AI is redesigning their stuff to make it cheaper and easier to produce. Surprising for such an expensive rifle as some of the changes, I don't think are for better.


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      Originally posted by Mauser98" post=14543
      It appears to me that AI is redesigning their stuff to make it cheaper to produce. Surprising for such an expensive rifle.
      what do you base that on? AI havent indicated at all what their new models will be

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    I like the new panels! They make the rifle thinner and have a better feel to them.


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      There is some talk on this elsewhere and thought is they are either going switch barrel design or to a more conventional Manners / McMillan style stock.

      Either way, we will find out at SHOT 2014.